Penny Market comes to Bulgaria

The German supermarket chain “Penny Market” is stepping on the Bulgarian market with plans to open many stores all over Bulgaria in the next several years. “Penny Market” is part of the German group REWE, which owns the supermarkets BILLA as well. The “Penny Market” plans include the opening of supermarkets in Kioustendil, Vratsa and Svilengrad while in Svilengrad the store will be part of a shopping mall.
The first supermarket, however, will be opened in Veliko Turnovo. The store will be located in a shopping mall as well and will be built by the Association with Special Investment Goal “Quantum Developments”. According to an Association’s press release there are signed contracts already for the purchase of two real estate properties in Veliko Turnovo – one plot with an area of 2508 square meters and another one with an area of 1699 square meters together with the existing buildings there. “Quantum Developments” has also a signed acontract with “Penny Market Bulgaria” for the leasing of the spaces in the future shopping mall.

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